About us

About Ylläs EXPRESS

YLLÄS EXPRESS is a transport company. Our assignments consist of urgent runs, long-term orders and regular traffic with a single person or big groups. Foreign tour operators are our strongest customer group for chartered runs. We also take care of local school transports, in other words we transport people near and far.

Our bus pool consists of 23 buses with 15-50 seats and one taxi. Some of the buses have TV, video, Wifi, WC and AC. Our bus pool is located in Kolari and in the Ylläs area. Our taxi is located in Äkäslompolo (Ylläs). Our office and  workshop are located in Kolari.

The airport in Kittilä and the railway station in Kolari are two of the most important centres in our enterprise, connecting the world to the Ylläs area.

The number of employees is 5 during the whole year and around 20 at the height of the season.


As a supplier of booked transportation we have the responsibility towards our customers to deliver what was ordered – at the right place, the right time and at the price agreed. Good quality is the result of fulfilling the costumer’s requirements and expectations of transportations that are faultless and worth their price.


In 1949 Aate Artturi Satokangas started off with truck-company, in -51 taxis were added and in -67 the business was expanded with coach services.

In 1996 the company was passed on to Juhani Satokangas. He then adjusted the businesses operations to answer the needs of the tourists coming to Lapland and expanded business in 1997 to Ylläs where YLLÄS EXPRESS established.